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Mark Thompson and Cindy Battye are the first to jump on the text marketing bandwagon and create a polished, user friendly web application that anyone from affiliate marketers to bigger businesses can take advantage of. With the cost of text marketing so low these days, you'd be mad not to include this in your marketing arsenal.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 10 years you’re probably very familiar with using your mobile phone to send and receive text messages with your friends and family. What you might not be aware of is the possibility of using SMS as an extremely powerful marketing tool.

Text Deliver allows you to instantly reach thousands of people via text

Text Deliver allows you to instantly reach thousands of people via text

Thanks to the recently released Text Deliver service, you can now send text messages to a target audience on a massive scale. It’s actually pretty revolutionary in what it does – SMS has become commonplace for things like delivery notifications but this stuff treads on new ground when it comes to marketing. Text deliver takes advantage of open rates that have been increasing on SMS platforms, and enables you to incorporate an incredibly powerful marketing tool at a fraction of the price you’d otherwise be expected to pay.

What Is Email/ Text Marketing?

Email marketing refers to the process sending out emails to your audience to engage with them and promote a product or service. You’ve no doubt been exposed to TONS of them already – from shady ‘magic pills’ that go straight to your spam or the more trustable coupon codes from your favorite shop. Text marketing is pretty much the same, except people will receive these messages on their mobile devices, separate from their email inbox. At the end of the day, as a business they’re both used as an engagement tool.

Email and Text marketing is powerful because it allows you to take the message to someone, rather than have them come to you. It sits at the heart of any long-term business strategy, and once you have a sizable audience, it can become the gift that keeps on giving.

Comparing Email and Text Marketing

While the two forms of direct marketing are very similar in principle, there is a huge difference when it comes to effectiveness.

Text marketing has an extremely high open rate of about 99%, while email marketing open rates stand between 28-33%. The figure for email marketing is in decline, as people simply can’t keep up with the bombardment of promotional email, and popular email services such as GMail begin to shun such emails into a ‘Promotions’ folder that is often ignored.

Now compare that with your experience using your mobile phone. Hardly anyone is marketing to you via text, right? As a mobile user, you’re almost certainly going to end up opening that marketing text that some savvy business is using. Text messaging services have become stupidly cheap as of late, and it’s safe to bet that text marketing will become a core part of any business’s marketing strategy over the next few years.

“Text marketing has an extremely high open rate of 99%, while email marketing open rates stand between 28-33%”

Another interesting contrast between email and text marketing is the difference between the number of ‘interactions’ customers typically need before making a sign up or purchase decision. It’s been found that an email marketing campaign usually needs to send 4-5x messages than an equivalent text campaign before a conversion is made.

And it’s not hard to see why. People aren’t ‘accidentally’ opening 99% of text messages – they genuinely become more interested in what is being offered. The click-through rate (CTR) to a URL in a marketing email is 6-7%, while for an equivalent text message it is a staggering 36%!

At this point it should be obvious that SMS text-based marketing campaigns is the up and coming thing, due to the sheer power it holds over traditional email campaigns. Relentless email marketing still has its place (yes, studies have shown that sending emails every day is far more effective than sending them out every week), but for those more exclusive ‘heavy hitter’ promotions you decide to offer, text marketing should be used.

Text Deliver

Virtually everyone in internet marketing already uses email marketing. Aside from the fact that it’s a very profitable way to essentially re-engage with an audience you’ve built, it’s also so damn easy. Just look around and you can’t miss the services out there – AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse, MadMimi, the list goes on and on and on.

But SMS marketing? This is the future. And Text Deliver is the first consumer friendly app that makes the technology dead simple.

The Text Deliver app is an innovation by Cindy Battye and Mark Thompson. In case you haven’t heard of Cindy Battye, she’s well known in the world of affiliate marketing and works as a strategic connector to individual internet marketers to multi-million dollar brands. There’s a bit of a heartwarmer in her story, as she was diagnosed with cancer at 29 but has since gone on strength to strength and founded her own company – Wildfire Concepts Inc.

Text Deliver has the potential to revolutionize the marketing industry, especially for smaller businesses and even individuals who would never have imagined harnessing the power of SMS-based marketing.

If you don’t really understand how it works, just think of your traditional email auto-sender or auto-responder. You feed a list of emails (your audience) and you automatically send everyone in that list emails. You could send each one manually, or set up and schedule a ‘campaign’, where maybe you send a message a week, with each one following on from the other. (An example of this is a series, where you send out parts of an informative guide in weekly emails).

“Virtually everyone in internet marketing already uses email marketing… But SMS marketing? This is the future.”

There are of course far more advanced features in your typical email auto-responder, like analytics and audience segmentation. You can check what percentage of emails are opened and which ones have the highest click through rate, for example. All these tools allow you to gauge your success and are essential for a serious marketing campaign.

Text Deliver does all that, well, for text. But not only that, it seamlessly integrates with your preferred email service (assuming you have one), meaning you end up with one extremely cohesive campaign.

A nice little feature Text Deliver has is its Lead Capture builder. This enables you to create, customize and publish landing pages, specifically designed to capture your visitor’s phone number and email. It is also embeddable code, meaning you can pass on data from your existing landing pages straight to the Text Deliver app.

Using the service is a breeze and actually quite exciting coming from someone that is very familiar with email auto-responders. Whereas the analytics dashboard in those show sluggish user interaction, low open rates and click through rates, the feedback from Text Deliver is almost instantaneous. Your audience actually open your messages within minutes, as opposed to days, and the statistics are much, much more pleasing.

Final Verdict

Text Deliver is still a brand new product, so it is getting frequent updates and additional features that will make it even more valuable with time. But even as it stands, it works brilliantly and does exactly what you expect it to. It takes the pain out of texting your audience, and is an incredible investment for the price. If you’re familiar with email services like AWeber, you’ll feel right at home. It’s definitely worth giving text-based marketing a chance, because the results WILL surprise you!

Score: 4.8/5

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